PROJECT: #MuslimsOfRutgers

note: this page is outdated! please check out MuslimsOfRutgers for current information about this project.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

How cool would it to be hold in your hands a book written about the experiences of Muslims at Rutgers? How cool would it be to write a piece for it, and find your name inside a compilation among dozens of other people that share the same space, but come from different backgrounds and live different lives? Scroll down, because this year Submissions is spearheading a campaign to get as many current RU Muslim students, alumni, and staff to share a story to publish a collaborative anthology written by the #MuslimsOfRutgers—YOU!



So what’s the plan?
Inspired by NaNoWriMo — an annual creative writing project where participants try to write a novel of 50,000 words between November 1st and November 30th — we want to do a Muslims of Rutgers anthology; that is, everyone submits a piece of creative writing and we reach the goal together.

By splitting up the work, the NaNo minimum of 1,667 words per day becomes 1,667 words each if we have 30 people; 834 words each if we have 60 people; 500 words each if we have 100 people; etc. We’re aiming for 700 words per person, minimum. And since splitting up the work isn’t exactly a NaNo convention and we’ve all got busy schedules, submissions and sign ups will be open until December 31st, 11:59PM. c:

If we reach our goal, we’re planning to publish, Insha Allah. Like, an actual real book that you can hold and show your parents! How cool would that be?

Dude! Really cool.
That’s right.

So how does this work?
Here are the steps to get involved:

(1) Fill out the sign up form. Put in your name and details, pick a due date, and recognize the terms of the project. Anyone can join—New Brunswick, Camden, Newark, student, alumni, staff—so long as you have a shahada in your heart and an RUID in your pocket or your past.

(2) Check out the style guide, which has the theme/prompts and lets you know how to format your submission, the writing conventions, how we’ll romanize, etc.

(3) PLAY TAG! Once you’ve signed up, make a public post or tweet saying you’ve signed up, and call out people you know from RU. Tag at least one friend. You can use our format: “I just signed up for PROJECT: #MuslimsOfRutgers, and I challenge ______.”

(4) Write your piece! The minimum is 700 words. Our theme for this project is unity as Muslims; diversity as people, to accentuate the fact that we’re one ummah, but all of us have individual experiences and perspectives. (You can basically write whatever you want, so long as it’s within guidelines on that page).

(5) ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 31ST, send your piece over to

(5a) as a GOOGLE DOC.

(5b) with [MuslimsOfRutgers] TITLE by YOUR NAME as the title/subject, as in “[MuslimsOfRutgers] My Story by Leila Raheem”

(5c) using the share button to GIVE OWNER ACCESS (keep yourself as an editor).

(6) You’ll receive a confirmation that we’ve received your submission within 24 hours, Insha Allah. Please email us or send it again if there are any problems. (You are free to edit and update your work as much as you like before the 31st!!)

(7) KEEP SPREADING THE WORD! Use #MuslimsOfRutgers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Using word of mouth, let everyone you know find out that you’re writing for a book, and that they can, too.

(8) Keep an eye out for updates!

For your convenience, you can also find the form below. Leave any questions, comments, or concerns in the comment section below, or send them over to

Don’t regret not getting involved!


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