by Rutgers University Muslim Students Association


The Glass Castle

We go around looking for something new, something different, something out of the ordinary, but at the end that something is right beside you, it’s right inside of you. It is you.

Grand Project

Winter break ended. I came back to Rutgers knowing it would be a tough semester. Senior Design project has started. A yearlong endeavor in which we, Industrial Engineers, use all the knowledge that has been instilled in us to do this grand project and prove that we can do it; we are capable. A yearlong project…means long term goals…short term goals. Ideas, plans, budgets, data, and most of all commitment, effort and time. My teammates and I have already started planning and setting goals…but as real as this seems and as important as this is for my career, I realized something in the midst of it. This is a worldly gain.

I have become so preoccupied in this grand project, that I forgot that there is more to this life and to the next than this ‘grand’ project. I might not see tomorrow, I might not see the next second…these goals: long term and short term are just the pathway I’m paving for my future…the realization I’ve come across is that my actions, my thoughts, and my time should be spent for not only this world’s gain, but more so for the life that will be everlasting. The next life—with endless goals, long and short—that will require endless planning.


She’s running to catch the bus. It’s raining, pouring…the clouds are pitch black, and all of sudden thunder strikes right in front of her eyes. She stops. She lets her hand open from her tightly grasped clutch. She looks up, not with fright, not with terror, but with fearless eyes. The drops of water touch her skin and she welcomes the tingly feeling on her face. She lets it run down her face, her hands, and her clothes. She loosens her tightly pressed lips, and smiles. She smiles. Her phone rings, the bus is still waiting far ahead. Her hand curls into a fist, her head looks straight, her lips tightly press against one another again. And she runs. She runs for the bus. She keeps running.

Image by Rubber Dragon.

Fade Away

I see you cry, but I hesitate to come nearby,
I see you standing alone, but I walk away,
I see you shiver, but I watch and wither,
I see you stressed, but I feel as if the burden is on my chest.

I try talking to you, but no subject seems suitable enough,
We just stare, silently, making life tough,
I try again, but my attempt seems worse,
You cast away, not hearing my calls.

It seems like our friendship is coming to an end,
You were one of my closest friends,
And it is so difficult to comprehend,
Why has this spontaneous silence become our new trend?
Is it just me?
If so, I disagree—
I know you feel the same,
And, thus, I have nothing to say,
Except, that I will remember you every single day.

Une Mort Inévitable

Walking away into the lightless night,
Escaping from that forsaken burial place,
Wishing this moment hadn’t come in such haste,
I wish you hadn’t taken my light.

The rain is pouring and my heart is full of fright,
I wish I had the might,
But the memory of you covered in white,
Is an unbearable sight.

My hands are stiff, so tight,
I wish I had the strength to fight,
I wish I had you by my side, to tell me everything will be alright.

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