Hold On


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 6.49.32 PM.png

She prays in the depths of the night

Searching for answers no one can give

Lost, broken, constantly feeling out of sight

As she tries to hide and peacefully live


Thunderstorms always crashed their way through

Her aching heart soon desired to leave

But she must hold on, she knew

So she wipes the tears off with her sleeve


Gathering every bit of strength she had

As she could only perceive life through her scope

She felt she was nothing, nothing but sad

Never seeing all around her, the rays of hope  


Unaware of the gravity that desired to hold her up

And the winds that surrounded her, full of love

And how flowers swayed out of happiness every time she’d get back up

And the one proudest of her, the all-loving, almighty above


So she unlocked herself from the darkness she called her home

And let herself out to the world

And through life’s beauty, she began to roam

And in happiness and peace, she finally twirled

By: Sarah Rash

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