Remnants of a Legacy

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Slowly, slowly time passes by

Yet  it is no benefit to me

My days are numbered coming to a close

How I wish I cherished what will never come again


I was so youthful

Approaching every day with new light

Till one day the flame started to fade

By oh so very terrible news


Like a bird that was not ready to leave its nest

I was not ready for this news

I was not prepared to let go of my dreams

I was so happy


But the days I have experienced thus far have been nice

All the memories of family with smiles on their faces

All my accolades and hard work got me recognition

People looked up to me, I mentored many, An impact I have left


My life is still not over I still have months to go  

I can still create smiles in those I know

Tying  the bow of what I have left behind

And leave the world better than I found


But after my seconds are up

What will be of me next?

Is my impact enough to silence the roaring noise

Of uncertainty and fear?


Where will  I receive my book of deeds?

Did i live my life piously?

Did I heed Allah’s warning?

On that day, the only thing to save me is his mercy  

By: Taham Khan

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