Our Quest to Success

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Self worth cannot be defined with a number nor image

A picture is worth a thousand words

That is the sentence depicted every time I look at an image of another.


flash goes off,

Another picture

Another face

Another image filtered by insta.

As comments roll in,

All forced smiles and polite comments drag on by

The question comes into minds

Why can’t Iook like that?


And yes,

I know that it’s a petty and self serving thing to say

Looks do not matter

And that my friend is the plain and simple truth.

Because right now I am walking down my own path,

With big turns that make me stumble and fall.

But isn’t that such a beautiful thing

Finding the truth in such difficult times.

As I stumble and fall with the weight of meaningless issues

I am reminded of the stories of such great prophets that roamed the Earth before me.

Prophets who roamed the Earth well before money and fame became the God’s of the 21st century.


Musa (AS) was first out of the three,

Skin dark and coarse,

full of hardships that he endured under the hand of Fir’aun.

He hailed from the land of the pyramids,

The land where the sand sits in mountains and

slips right through your fingers

This steadfast prophet

With hair as curly as can be,

Sand stuck between coils upon his head

As he trudged through the desert

Escaping the wrath

Of the one who used to be.

But that did not stop him

With a message to preach

He taught the people something great: there is only one to worship,

And HE alone should be worshipped

So with the force of creator of the heavens and earth

He dumbfounded the magicians

As they bewitched the eyes of many

Making ropes appear as snakes

That is the story of Musa AS

The proclaimer of the truth of la illa ha illah la

May Allah send peace and blessings upon him.


Esa (AS) was second

a man who has yet to return,

His rivals were the arrogant ones

The ones who claimed his prophecy false.

He came with a single message: worship one god and obey me as your messenger

And years later it has come to pass

Even that sacred message has been regenerated

And dismantled like a piece of paper in the hands of a writer


Last is our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW,

The best of creation embodied in a single man.

He endured the greatest of trials

being kicked out of his home,

Mocked and ridiculed

Yet he continued to preach the message: worship one god and obey me

Statues made of gold were his enemy

Motionless and helpless these idols were worshipped

As if they were embodiments of some sort of divinity.


These three men were the best of the best

All had their own winding paths

With big turns and dark roads,

But never did they stop to doubt themselves

Or the mission they were on.

Allah was their sole provider and with their trust in HIM

They found the big turns to be smaller

And the dark roads to be well lit.


In a day and age where anxiety is caused by filters and captions

And whether or not our pictures hide all our flaws

It is important to remember there is more to life than filters and brightly lit screens

When we put down the screens

And open our eyes to the path that lays ahead

We can trek upon our own quest for success.
By: Aysha Khawaja


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