Red, White, and Blue

Colors I’ve bled since out of the Womb

Was always told since my kid years in NYC

What a privilege it is to live in the land of the Free

But as I got older I was met with Doubt

Influenced by the protests, quarrels, and Shouts

Teachers, businessmen, and peers all Alike,

Dig out the land’s flaws as if it’s the Third Reich

Maybe it’s because of the man we got Elected

That makes it seem that our country is Bisected

But he’s just one man and so am I

So why should I fear, cower, and Shy

This land is mine as much as his and Theirs

And the power to change it is in the hands of all that Care

So call towards right and forbid Wrong

And we can make this country a place to feel belonged

And as long as that fact remains True

I will continue to bleed Red, White, and Blue



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