Misplaced Desires

Stuck in a state of limbo

She dreamt of long ago

When she never quite heard

The cry of an unspoken word


And although her skin was a fragile tan

She never did yearn for the mother-land

Only when she missed the broken ground

And the poetic-like whisper sound


Where she never heard an alarm

And a smile would simply disarm

There was no running around

And people seldom frowned


They always knew she didn’t belong

Because her words were often wrong

Their envious souls stared up and down

Oh what a sad-eyed pretty clown


A paradox that does not talk

Means she must secretly mock

A woman mistaken for a queen

All the ways she did not want to be seen


Never belonging any place she went

Wearing a fresh, new foreign scent

Two worlds so fake and lonely

Haunted by summer dreams only


She did not want to feel the curse

Of an existence so diverse

She only wanted friends in May

But they all seemed so far away

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