I’ll Be Counting the Seconds Part II: I Stopped Counting the Seconds

I might be counting the seconds, but I now remember how my mother would tell me, “Time Heals All Wounds”. The scars on our hearts from all those love-at-first-sights we’ve been stricken ill by, eventually fade. With every passing second more new loves form and old loves die.
But, with time, everything passes. Every dark, cold, and bitter night has a new, bright, and beautiful day. Every harsh dead Winter has a lively innocent Spring. Every breathtaking gorgeous Sunset has a blinding invigorating Sunrise. Truthfully however, a sunset encompasses beauty to no realer extent. Just as the beauty of a sunset only lasts so long, so does anything beautiful. And after it’s gone, there is a long period of dark loneliness.
Finding that strength in ourselves, we usually can make it to that empowering sunrise, but is that truly enough? One can choose to linger on the darkest longest lasting parts of that cycle. Or, they may choose to find content in the lighter parts. Find content in the momentary happiness they had witnessed, because as time passed, the darkness faded and so did the pain’s intensity. With time, the scars will heal and fade. Even the most minor remnants of the gash will be rendered obsolete, with time.
One just needs to find the courage to stop picking at and playing with those scars. We can spend our lives counting every second or let them simply pass-by, finding happiness in that time is in-fact passing.
My mother’s feedback on Part I helped me write this one.
Original photography by Zak Kahn.

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