I’m Counting the Seconds

I’m Counting the Seconds by Zak Kahn

They say love lasts forever.

That it’s some strong bond that can keep you at peace eternally.

Maybe, they’re right about it lasting forever, but I imagine it differently.

I’d say both pain and love last forever together in a symbiotic bond.

Love is like the rose that blossoms in the spring and dies in the winter.

Just as the petals slowly wilt and morph from a virgin pink, to a vibrant lively red and then woefully a frail gray unable to support itself any longer.

Love is just that.

The feelings never really subside.

Some may even yearn to be loved for one day.

One night. One moment. Why?

Just as the new moon’s sighting ends in seconds, so does that one moment of love.

In reality, that’s more than enough.

Even a second can make one go into disarray.

And all it really takes is just that second. But, that second lasts forever.

It always scars the heart forever. We just keep touching and playing with that scar. Like the child that knows the fire is hot, but still touches it.

Some of us just live for that feeling.

The butterflies in our stomach, one-sided, unattainable, unachievable love.

Lost in a maze of what-ifs.

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