Sisyphus Isn’t Real

Sisyphus Isn’t Real by Bara Elhag

My arms, air and even hair sometimes feel dipped in hardship

a stygian river surrounds me trying to sucking me in

I’m making dua more air comes into my lungs

clean air, i want to breathe air, the people of the deen air

I want to dream air that one day I’ll be the heir of the Companions

heir to their greatness, their wisdom, their patience but sometimes

I collapse under the weight of a GPA that’s dropping, pictures of my brothers and sisters falling across the globe,

the curtains start closing on my soul, like a deck of cards I feel myself folding under pressure

but unlike a deck of cards there’s no one to put my soul back together


روحي تكاد تنكسر إنكسارا و النور في عقلي أصبح شرارة

أرى إخوتي في اليأس تارة و أري نفسي فقدت الإستقرارا


Soul in Arabic means Row7

ra7a is close to it and it means peace and serenity

relaxed ease in the mentioning of His name

quiets my veins but still sometimes I am my own worst enemy

anxiety at the improprieties of a president excuse me a part animal-part child breed

or maybe even though I have a perfect God it’s not the perfect job

siblings that annoy me, I want her she wants someone else, I want him he’s lost his religious health

My temporary human happiness has been disturbed

so now the world is black and darkness, there’s only gloom where the sun used to be

i can’t see other than negatively, the images have faded, i’m too jaded to say Salam,

to smile, to be kind, to accept to be honest, i’m dealing with so much and i’m too vexed

my emotional reserves are too stressed, there’s no way that this sheikh is going to tell me I’m still blessed

but wait Translation: these are all tests.

you test diamonds for cut and color,

test your mind for a career

test your car for the road

and you don’t expect Allah to test your soul?

Eman uses hardships as building blocks so don’t hate the process

come to embrace it

Your soul and body are yours to serve His Greatness, and so both will return to Him

So, run with urge to Him, observing Patience, Wisdom, and Faith

If it hurts, pray

When you’re in the dirt, pray,

If tears burn, pray

When the test becomes clear pray to Al-Atheem The Great

Trust me, there’s no running from His Fate except to his Fate

And for every pain you feel remember: it’s always good for the believer

Obstacles in life sound better after achievement


And one day the prophet’s hands will quench your thirst for happiness

His face will bring you peace and Ra7a

Your Row7 will feel light and jubilant

And you’ll know that you are finally at home after resurrection

And that every test for you, fellow traveler, was just a quicker highway to heaven

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