Remember Me

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 5.29.08 PM.png

Forget me?

You’d have less trouble

Forgetting your own name.


Of course, you can’t forget me.

How could you forget the ocean whose waves constantly surrounded you?

Constantly ensured your wellbeing and peace.


How could you possibly forget

the ocean

that so easily could have drowned you,

but chose not to

and instead watched you safely

float to shore and run free

and has been drowning in itself

ever since.


How dare you even try

to forget the girl who you found yourself in.

The one who forced her waves to calm,

in order to provide you comfort and shelter.

To protect you from your typhoon of a world.

The one who chose to love you, unconditionally, endlessly, wholly, every day, despite your incapability of reciprocating that love.


You will never be able to forget me.

Because the challenge is not as simple as just forgetting me,

but rather the you that I brought out.


Forget me?

You’d have less trouble

forgetting your self.

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