Muslims of MSA: Shameen



Shameen is a freshman here at Rutgers, who is currently navigating life and becoming more introspective with her experiences. She reflects often, pulling from and immersing herself in memories that evoke feelings of gratitude and elation. When asked what her most treasured memory is, Shameen explains how it is too difficult to pick just one. However, a memory that she vividly recalls is the night of her cousin’s wedding.

“After all of the festivities, the time read about 3 in the morning. This was only a couple of hours before people had to take flights back home, and return to their normal lives. We all slept over at one of my cousin’s apartments, like EVERYONE, and we were eating sandwiches, all half dressed up / half in pajamas, make up still on, just sitting all over the small apartment. A group of me and my cousins were sitting on the kitchen floor cramped together, eating away, and in that I moment I thought wow this is what life is about: sitting on kitchen floors, laughing, surrounded by people you love, and celebrating love… I remember being so stressed out before this wedding with school and SATs, but after this wedding and that night, I had so much more perspective on life and what’s really important.”

Shameen’s introspection and gratitude for life and every experience that it integrates is captured through this single memory. Her smile radiated as she described how books engross her in the same way that her memories do. She hopes to one day Insha’Allah create something that others can enjoy, so that they can relish the magic of getting wrapped up in an experience / a story just like she can.


Muslims of MSA post provided by Alina Tariq

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