A Note to 13 Year Old Zaire… by Zaire Ali

A note to 13-year-old Zaire…

“If someone told me all the things I know now I would’ve thought they were crazy – but listen, remember those times because they’re going to make the journey easy.”

Those hard times were just training camp to get you ready to fight life, the undisputed.

Those hard times made the darkest nights a little brighter.

Those hard times taught you how to find a way.

Those hard lessons only made the test easier.

Those hard times showed you how to make nothing into something.

Those empty gyms taught you how to be your biggest fan.

Those empty seats taught you how to stand.

Those tears taught you how to drink.

Those losses taught you how to do it the “All-American” way……. Lessons

Those words hurt, but they taught you how to heal.

They showed you how to be great, so believe in yourself.

They said you can’t, but you knew you could.

They said no but you said yes.

You wanted it, but you were too scared to get it.

You’re ready, go get it and never look back at it, because if they aren’t coming you can’t stop.

You can’t stop your go because they never left the blocks.

Never stop believing in yourself even when you’re the only one who believes because the smallest ember can ignite the biggest flame….. ask Cali.

Never stop chasing, those are your dreams, and their nightmares you don’t ever have to wake up.


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