// Goodbyes and Hellos

December 31, 2017 6:49 PM

Say goodbye to the past year and welcome the new year from the lessons 2017 and all your previous years have taught you.

  • appreciate all of the good times
  • reminisce on the memories and protect them
  • give thanks to the people who walked into your life and were a huge or little part in your growth
  • and give thanks to the people who just stopped by
  • forgive the people who left with negativity because they were a part of the strength it took for you to remove them from your life
  • forgive them not for them but for yourself because you want only positivity flourishing within you
  • commend yourself for all that you’ve accomplished even if it is marginal because you made it despite the storm of a year you may have had
  • take great pride in your achievements
  • humble yourself for all of the interactions you have had with people from a different perspective and different journey
  • most of all, appreciate yourself
  • 365 days is a lot mentally and physically, but you are still here breathing with still more blessings to count than hardships. Let’s start with the blessing of still being alive
  • forgive yourself too
  • you made mistakes, you had setbacks, you did not reach your goals or plans as you had hoped for but you tried
  • everyday is another chance for improvement or to do things the way you want
  • reflect on this past year and welcome the new one with a warm heart

  • this year create opportunities for yourself
  • try out new things to find your passion
  • if you know your passion, act on it
  • start slow and start small if you have to, but start because there’s only a journey if it is begun
  • take steps and work hard if it is something you want
  • practice to stay motivated and determined
  • don’t forget to take breaks
  • excel in your goals but don’t exhaust yourself
  • give yourself time alone to mentally destress and enjoy your own company
  • learn step by step on how to love yourself
  • always try but don’t give up
  • focus on yourself but also give a little to the people who you love and who love you
  • spread positivity and expect the same from others. If it’s not given back then give yourself the distance you deserve
  • lastly, but most importantly, be there for yourself because you do it best

Happy New Years !

By: Zara Khan

Follow her blog here: https://zarakhangeniality.wordpress.com/


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  1. Thank you for the repost! :)


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