Lost At Sea

I am an ocean

made up of countless, boundless waves.

I manipulate my water 

the same way you manipulate other people. 

Don’t get me wrong,

you have some water in you too. 

But your water is that of a lake, 

yet somehow you managed to convince yourself — and me— that you’re an ocean.


it was 

the way 

you summoned pain

in short 



Waves that would only cease by crashing into you instead of into the shore. 

Maybe it’s how…

I can’t finish that thought 

because if I linger on it for too long it’ll overflow and drown the flood gates and whatever sanity you didn’t already rip out of me. 

Oh, maybe


Its the way seeing your man(self) made waves 

Forced mine to recede 

And calm 

And come to a still, safe flow.

Or perhaps it was 

that I knew you weren’t an ocean

Yet I still 

Let your lake water

Pour into

My lungs 

And suffocate me. 

I am an ocean

and you are a coward,

hiding behind the facade of a lake. 

Foolish of you to forget 

that I am an ocean. 

My waves only released you back to the shore once I had drained you of everything I wanted. 

Now there is nothing left of you.

You wonder why you don’t have a soul anymore,

look for it in the ocean. 

Perhaps I’ll give it back. 


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