Surrounded by enemies. Death is inevitable.

They haunt you with the look in their eyes.

They mock you as every second goes by.

You’re alone against the foe.

Everywhere you look, defeat stares you right in the eye.

It’s hopeless.

You can’t win.

There’s no point.

That’s what they say, but you don’t believe them.

You could get away if you ran.

But no, you won’t give up, so you persevere and continue to fight.

You’re slammed to the ground. Unbearable pain strikes every part of your body.

You can’t process anything at all. Everything around you is a blur as you helplessly lie on the floor.

Every part of your body is shaking with pain but with all your might you slowly arise and continue to fight.

With a moment’s notice you’re slashed right through your chest.

Blood spurts all over the place. You cough and blood spills out.

It would be almost impossible to overcome the odds at this point, but you get up and smile.

Until the very end you will fight.

By: Zohair Hasan

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