Syed Mahmood


Meet Syed Mahmood, a sophomore studying biology. He hopes to one day become a sports medicine doctor for a team.  He’s indifferent about insurance companies. He comes in at 6’4, but its not all fun and games. One tragic night he hit his head against a door frame, and received 6 staples in in the upper region of his skull. His sorrows don’t end there, for once during middle school, while trying out for the wrestling team he tragically broke his arm at the hands of the school nerd. He kept this a secret from the masses.  However These tragedies dont not hold him back for he aspires to one day start a non profit organization aimed to help feed malnourished kids.

“what did one cow say to the other cow? whats up dood (udru word for milk)”

Written By: Taham Khan

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