This post does not do Maisha justice, she is a blessing in my life and one of the most genuine souls I’ve ever met. I’m making this a little personal to show her noor (light). No way I can sum up the person she is but I will try.

Being the first generation college student in her family Maisha feels the pressure, that many of you may feel, to graduate with a good degree and provide for her family. The love she has for them shows through her dedication and persistence.

Ask her what she is passionate about and she will tell you Allah(swt), family, her cat and then the ocean. “The ocean is a direct manifestation of Allah subhana watallah.” Maisha thinks of the depths and darkness hidden within, “only Allah subhana watallah knows what is within and how deep it goes”. As Maisha sat across from me, describing the mystery of the ocean I began to realize, she was like the ocean. Vast like the love she holds for others. With darkness to show the hardships she faced, the hardship that we all have within. Filled with life and beauty. When the sun is shining above, the light reflecting off the surface of the waves is blinding. When I see Maisha I see a similar light, a noor that does not hurt my eyes.

By Nathalie Franco

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