Dear Mom

Dear mom,

Three years ago is the last time we spent a mother’s day together. We were at overlook hospital, all I could remember is how much I wanted you to get better and come home before I left for my summer job in Pennsylvania. This mother’s day is special to me because recently I took a second to look around and see all of the good that is in my life and I have no one to thank except for you.

If only you could see the person I’ve become I know you would smile. You always used to tell me “stay focused” and literally that is all I’ve been doing since you’ve been gone. I will never forget those words. I will never forget how hard you used to push me or how upset you’d get at me when I used get bad grades or when you used to get phone calls from school about my “bad” behavior because all I wanted to do was make you happy.

Mom I understand now, I understand that you weren’t mad at me you just wanted the best for you son, you knew what I was capable of long before I did.


Thank you for never letting me settle.

Thank you for always being hard on me, you never let me slack.

Thank you for always letting me fall down but always being there to pick me up.

Thank you for working so hard to build me up but, you never once tried to tear me down.

Thank you for always keeping it 100 with me no matter the situation you kept it real.

Thank you for always having my best interest in mind even when I didn’t want you too…


You taught me so many lessons but never forced me to read a book.


Thank you for showing me the world is simply what you make of it.

Thank you for making me feel what love really is.


I wish you were able to walk me down the aisle at my wedding if that ever happens….

I wish you were able to meet my future wife, my future children, see me buy my first house and let me make your bed so you can sleep in it just once.


I know you’ll be there watching over me making sure I become the very best I can be. You always tried to keep all of those “fast little girls” away from me. Yes, they still stay far away from me….


Without your words I do not know where I would be today.

Thank you for everything you’ve helped me become, and everything I didn’t become.

Words can’t describe how thankful I am for everything you sacrificed for me your son.

I love you,

Sincerely yours,

Zaire Ali


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