Leaving an Impact

A couple weeks after I entered Rutgers, someone asked me how I was doing. Even though, I got lost so many times and went on the wrong bus that ended up taking me around Douglass twice, I simply said, “Alhamdulillah, it’s  not bad”. He then asked me if I was active in the community and I said no. I explained that there’s so many people doing so many great things that there’s no need for me. Till this day, I remember exactly what he said to me afterwards, “Omar, it doesn’t matter what anybody else is doing. All that matters is what impact will YOU leave in the next four years.”

A lot of times we misunderstand the word “impact”. We think that impact is about making a big difference and changing the world. But that definition limits so many of us at times because not all of us have the capacity to change the world. Impact can be rather defined as me going to someone who’s down and trying to cheer him up. Impact can be me saying a joke so that everyone lightens  up and a little bit of joy enters their life. Impact can be me holding the door for someone else. Impact can be me sharing my food with someone I met for the very first time. Impact can be me helping someone find the building for their next class. Impact is doing anything that makes at least one person’s life just a little bit easier.

My goal for the next few months that I have left at Rutgers is to use every moment possible to leave an impact. We should always strive for making an impact on whatever community we are apart of and as the Prophet(pbuh) said, “Do not belittle any act of goodness even if it’s a smile in the face of your brother.”

by, Omar Shallan

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