Reflections in Rhyme

When we bow, are we truly praying or are we doing some hipster new age yoga?

When we recite Quran, are our hearts in it or are we trying to spit like Hova?

When we strive for the halal and stay away from haram, is it to please Allah or so everyone will look at us and applaud?

Do we wear the shahada on our sleeves like an accessory, or do we have it carved deep in our hearts where no one can see?

After all, only the sound heart gets entry, not the one with the most views

This isn’t directed at any one personal, don’t get confused

I’m just wondering if when we say we know Islam, do we really?

Or is it nothing more than rules and a label for us, without meaning? 

To learn the true meaning of this Deen is essential

Or we will stray away from the Sirat al Mustaqeem, this isn’t hypothetical

I say we because I’m talking to myself too

The first step to solving any problem is admitting to yourself you have work to do 

I realize I do

Do you?


By, Ibrahim Morsy

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