Summertime Friendships

During the summer you meet many types of friends, the ones who are in your life only during the summer and those who are your friends all year round. You meet those who experience life with you for one day and then you never see them again. You have those who only hit you up during the summer as if you didn’t exist the rest of the year and seem so willing to hang out but at that point, you don’t even want to make the effort to see them. You also may have friends that you seem to not be able to connect with anymore during the summer, even though you guys were fine during the rest of the year. You eventually begin to feel restless because there is no consistency.

I remember in July that I felt very uncomfortable around anyone I was with. My friendships with others were putting an extreme spiritual stress on my shoulders to the point where I didn’t care if I lost all of them at once. I craved nothing more at that point than I did solitude. The only one that I wanted to be friends with was Allah, because I realized that He would never be a summertime friend. No matter what time, day, or year it is Allah is always there if you call out to Him and even when you don’t. Even though I came to this realization earlier on, it didn’t truly affect me until just the other day.

I received good news for something that I worked so hard for, and my first impulse was not to tell anyone but to run to Allah and thank Him. It was while I prayed, that I began to cry like a baby because not only was I so happy but I realized that for the first time in a long time, I felt whole. The happiness I felt was one that I cannot even begin to describe but it is an emotion I wanted to continue feeling. I decided then that I would put more effort into increasing my iman. My parents have always told me that at the end of the day, never dive in too deep into any of your friendships. Why? When you want so desperately to escape the toxicity, you’ll find it extremely difficult because you’re way too involved with someone instead of being fully involved with Allah.

And when your focus is Allah, there is no reason why Allah can’t bring even better friends than those summertime friends into your life. Friends who always remind you of Him no matter what.

By: Kausar Ahmed

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