Welcome Ramadan!

Welcome Ramadan!

You bring with you an energy that revives every dead heart and every neglectful soul.
You give me strength to do the impossible; controlling my own desires.
You make me generous with my time and money even if I have little of it.
You give me a willpower that I never thought existed.
You grant me patience in the toughest of situations and perseverance with every hardship.
You give us the strength to fast from dawn till dusk and even do what we thought was impossible, stand for hours in taraweeh.
You are blessed in many ways and your blessings are countless.
You are what keeps me going throughout the whole year.

But I know you will soon leave and it will be a matter of days before we say goodbye.

So, I ask Allah to make me enjoy every moment with you and use it wisely.
I ask Allah to bless me with the time I spent with you.
And I ask Allah to keep me steadfast and guided when you’re around and even after you leave.

May Allah keep us all guided and guide with us and make us a reason for others to be guided.
May Allah allows us to witness all of Ramadan and make the best of it for wallahy whoever doesn’t, has truly missed out.

By: Omar Shallan


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