I have been molded
By all the power of this universe.
There are galaxies
Trapped underneath my skin.
The moon and stars
Live in the whites of my eyes.
There is gold and silver
Flowing in my veins.

I am not as simple as beautiful.
Beauty is where I begin,
But where I end is not yet defined.
I am nothing less than exquisite,
And all proof is clear
In nothing more than a breath.
That I exhale, is enough
To justify all that I am.

And to those who are
Too blind,
Too broken,
Too lost
To see the sun rays
Shining from my face,
I am so much more
Than you can understand,
And I have not a need in the world
To explain myself to you.

— Tell me one more time that a woman must earn her respect.

By Mahnoor Akhter


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