Malala Yousefzai is a girl who defied social norms and became an emblem for women’s empowerment around the world. Malala is the brave girl who stood up for girls’ education at the cost of getting shot by extremists who do not believe in educating women. As harsh as it may seem, it is more common than we would like to think, and I know first hand of the obstacles faced by girls trying to obtain an education in Pakistan, where some girls stop education around 12 years old and remain at home cultivating their skills.

What I admire most about Malala is that she is so real and doesn’t care about vanity or fame; rather, she appears in simple shalwar kameez, dupatta and a smile on her face with the simple goal of conveying a plea for girls education. She is not pretentious and remains true to herself. Her passion to help educate girls has made the face of a young Pakistani woman an inspiration to girls all around the world who face adversity in doing justice to themselves. I hope I can believe so fervently in a cause to do the same.

By Habibah Arshad 


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  1. Uncle sahib says:

    Malala di gand vich


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