Daadi (Grandma)


Daadi, you don’t know what you mean to me,

Your impact is greater than any eye can see,

Every word, every action, every meal,

The amount of times you made my stomach, heart, and soul feel,

So full inside, filled with love,

Always reminding me, of The One Above

You would yell at me when needed,

Just know now that those warnings were heeded,

Forcing me to read Quran, correcting every mistake,

Putting up with my impatience, until my voice would no longer shake,

Scolding my friends and me for staying up late,

Wondering why you were awake, not realizing it was for something great,

Tahajjud is what you were up for, meeting with your Lord,

While we were finishing our video games, about to unplug the cords.

I was such a bad kid when you were alive and I wish you could see,

The person I have become and who I want to be,

You will never know this but you were the reason,

That I never committed treason,

Against the commandments of my Lord, you showed me the way,

To Allah Himself, which is why I pray,

That you are resting peacefully and that one day you’ll see,

The effect that you had when you lived with me

May Allah make your time in the grave easy and reunite us in Jannah.

By Anonymous 




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