Using a warrior metaphor, this poem is an ode to women’s efforts and progress regarding breaking the glass ceiling. We fight while maintaining grace and strength during the infinitesimal bout against injustices. May we all continue to establish the equality Allah (SWT) intended for us and truly commemorate women during Women’s History Month and beyond. Ameen.


The bright light glistens and reflects off the glass,
holding hostage the reflection of our human warrior.

This warrior is taught to master the art of warfare,

bound by the laws of the honor code,
never letting fear waver their resolve,
allowing their courage to radiate,
pushing boundaries in the face of mortality,
making the ground tremble in their wake,
obstinately disobeying gravity,
discouraging those lacking matching zeal,
nurturing what remains in the confines of greatness,
dissuading the criminal and immoral.
The warrior we have before us blossomed in the face of misogyny,
receiving and healing wounds inflicted by enemies large and small.
The sword she lifts carries the power bestowed by those who overcame,
our warrior is the amassment of all the brave females we love.
The glass shatters under the hefty weight of the mighty sword she yields,
and women rise.
By Fatima Abdulrahman