Congrats to You


It’s Women’s History Month. Most of the time when we think of women to celebrate, we think of famous women in history. Or our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. Well today, to all the beautiful women I know out there, I want you to celebrate yourself. Society has instilled in many of our minds that as a woman you are not allowed to showcase any joy with your accomplishments or else you may be labeled as conceited. You may be seen as someone who is selfish or someone who is ignoring the fact that someone has already done what you’ve done so it’s not that special. Even more detrimental is the disappearance of sisterhood when you accomplish something. Everyone is so quick to gossip when they hear something negative about you but no one is quick to spread positive news about you. It is because of this that many women give up on the idea of women being able to work together or being able to trust one another.

However, starting today I want every single one of us to make a promise that not only will we stand up for our fellow sisters but that we will also stand up for ourselves. That our accomplishments are just as important. That the things Allah (swt) has blessed us with are just as beautiful as any other person’s blessings. We must instill in ourselves the idea that what Allah (swt) meant for you was only for YOU and no one else. No matter how similar your situation might be to someone else, your situation is yours and can only be yours. Your beauty is yours. The new job you got is yours. The new family you started is yours. The exam you aced was yours. The diploma you received was yours. You just got married or engaged? That’s yours too. It may seem like you being proud of your accomplishments is creating more individuality than sisterhood but that is not the case at all. It is through our unique experiences and individual identities that sisterhood is able to flourish because when you’re proud of yourself, you want your other sisters to feel proud of themselves too. When you’re proud of yourself, you are more confident, which means you have more to bring to the table. That’s another accomplishment to add to your list right there.

I know that I have so much work to do when it comes to appreciating myself and the things I have accomplished. It is only through that and being happy with what Allah (swt) has blessed me with, that I will be able to truly support my fellow sisters. To all the beautiful ladies out there that I know and do not know, I truly do love and appreciate you and I am proud of you. I pray that Allah (swt) only continues to grant you success in all that you do and instills in you an unwavering, humble confidence in yourself.

So here’s to us. Congrats to me and congrats to you too.

By Kausar Ahmed


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