You were there for me when I was child, held me close whenever I would cry, smiling, and telling me that it’s going to be alright

You were there for me whenever the world was on my shoulders and lifted it off as if it were nothing

You were there for me when my world was falling apart and told me with patience there will be ease

But, whenever you called my name I always said I’ll be there in five minutes later

Whenever you asked me for my help I would roll my eyes and say why can’t you do this by yourself

Whenever you wanted me to get closer to heaven by easing the pain of your feet I would do a rushed job so I could attend my personal needs

And each every single time you would give a warm smile, hug me and said it was alright Oh how I regret those foolish moments,

Oh how I beg for another second with you, your kind heart, your gentle eyes and those welcoming arms, I yearn for it all, just one more time

But time is not on my side, you lay six feet in the ground and as my tears fall my face, my hands are raised in the air, praying that you enter the highest level of heaven

And forgive a son who should have cared


By Mohsin Raza


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