Crying to Allah (SWT)


By Kausar Ahmed

I remember crying my eyes out one night because a kid that I knew when I was younger was killed. I remember crying one night because I was so fed up with everything going on around me, that all I could do was cry. I remember crying because I felt so useless to everyone around me. I remember crying once, just to cry. Sometimes you get to that point where you feel that no matter how many people you confide in, no matter how much great advice you receive, no one gets what you are going through. Over and over again you get to that stage where you have to step back and assess your life. Am I doing things right? Am I surrounded by good people? Am I doing everything I can to make sure Allah (SWT) is happy with me? Have I reached my potential? What is my potential? You’ll sit there and try to figure things out but nothing will make sense. You’ll think about it for days, maybe weeks, while still floating through life. Still smiling when you see your friends. Still going to classes. Still saying that everything is okay. Still making an effort to push through. Then one day, you happen to be all alone and the only companion you have are your feelings. Suddenly, there is a wave of sadness that hits you. Next thing you know, you’re crying your eyes out and can’t stop.

The most beautiful thing about the whole situation is that while you’re crying, there is a voice in your head that tells you to talk to Allah (SWT) about how you’re feeling. Some of us ignore that voice and convince ourselves that He isn’t what we need right now. But then there are some of us who hear that voice so loudly in our hearts, that we drop down on our prayer mat and say just one phrase, “Ya Allah!” and we continue to cry without explaining anything to Him or saying one of the many duas that already exist. That phrase may not seem like much at first but can you imagine the blessings you got by just calling out to Him? Can you imagine that even before you hit the mat, that Allah (SWT) was waiting for you to call out to Him? That He wants to help us and knows all the solutions to our problems? Yet, we don’t think about any of that sometimes. Most times we are so caught up in our feelings that we are quick to complain to others and completely disregard the fact that someone already knows what we are going through without any explanation.

By Allah (SWT) already knowing what our issues are, He is providing us with a quicker way to get through our feelings and to rise above the situation we are in. We tend to look at complaining about our issues or just hashing out our thoughts as a negative thing. However, you achieve two things when you tell Him how you feel: One, you make yourself feel better because you feel less of a weight on your shoulders and two, you gain a closer relationship with Him. Anything that brings you closer to Allah (SWT) is a good thing, even if it is small. So I say, bring all your complaints to the table and express it to Him sincerely. Talk for hours on end if you have to. Afterwards, if you feel like talking to someone will help you find a solution then do that too. Just don’t be afraid to cry to Allah (SWT). He’ll always be there no matter what you’re going through. His love for you is great, you just have to be willing to embrace that love.


Allah (SWT) says: “Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.” [Hadith Qudsi]

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