Donald Trump

By Bara Elhag


Demand wallflowers to stay silent

Onyx lies glitter darkly as

New Age slavery keeps

Awakening old age

Laments, we did not prepare eulogies

Death, we always thought, was far


Tickets to our pain show are selling out

Reuse racism, recycle hatred, remove

Us out of the fabric of US

Maybe menstrual pains would

Paint orange into a different color





Panicked, then weaved worry between love and hope

Recalled that the Prophet had it harder

Escaping America isn’t an answer

Shutting our doors even to those who

Incite against us isn’t what the Prophet would have

Done; doomsday isn’t until Allah allows us to

Enter the grave; our wounds: sources of

Nourishment — tough past,

Tougher people — Iman can break walls.


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