By Anonymous


Oh Turner of Hearts, grant me the power to resist

To Resist the change that surrounds me

Change, like the death of trees during the fall,

Leaving nothing but carcasses behind.


Oh Turner of Hearts, help me resist

Resist change

With the same fire as those who resist oppression

Resist change

With the same zeal as those who resist injustice


For change is my injustice.

For change is my oppressor.


But Oh Turner of Hearts! I cannot help

But see the beauty of the red leaves

As they quietly fall, almost in rhythm

Leaving nothing but carcasses.


No, canvases.


Oh Turner of Hearts! I see

That although the color leaves the tree,

color now graces the trail.

Perhaps change is not injustice.

Perhaps change is not my oppressor.


Oh Turner of Hearts! Help me resist

Resist the urge to resist

Help me resist through letting go

Resist through patience,

For patience is sometimes

The best resistance.


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