Made (Make) Up


If I lived in a perfect world,

I’d get rid of every pimple and blackhead on sight

I’d permanently shave the little hairs that dare to appear,

I’d set a foundation so perfect,

That I’d be ready to face the world

If I lived in a perfect ,

I’d find an eyeliner and draw the most even line you ever saw

And take myself right down that straight path to greatness

I’d pluck every bad person out of my life

And shape my group of friends with such amazing people;


I’d contour hills and mountains

So that they’d be easier to climb

And I’d see what beautiful things were awaiting me on the other side

And even if shadows of doubt tried to decorate my eyes in beautiful colors

I’d conceal it so fast with a color that matches my own

So you couldn’t possibly see my struggles

Unless my tears washed everything off

Only then would you realize,

That it was all made up

By Kausar Ahmed


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