Power of Love

Though omnipresent force, some call it weak.

Soft and hard, could it be both false and true?

Some say it’s no more than a rosy cheek:

Why, then, is a flower so hard to subdue?


Is it a power only in its action?

No, for it lives beyond physical border,

A long journey, sublating mere attraction,

A deep wound, needing absence of order.


From the tall cradle to the deep earthy bed,

Its presence will continue to live on:

Among the clash of steel it remains undead,

In a world of fire, it has always shone.


Yes, its name is that which makes one insane:

My fond heart, is its pleasure worth its pain?


By Hasan Habib


One Comment Add yours

  1. Love obeys do not condemn. What we have in ISIS obeying the Quran would not exist had they not resist the God of love.


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