Be Yourself

Be yourself and never forget that. There will be people out there that will try to shoot you down. There will be people that are jealous of you, despise you, or even fear you. Fear you in that they think you could be a problem so they will try to take you down. Don’t let these people take you down. The same goes to the fakes and the people who aren’t interested in getting to know you because of your personality and who you are. Don’t let these people take you down either. If it is anything it is these people that can help you. Help you determine who is your friend and who isn’t. Determine if I should really pursue that friendship or not. Don’t let any of these people change who you are as an individual. These douchebags, sassy, jealous people will be there to try to shoot you down. But you shouldn’t let these people change who you are as a person and your integrity. Another type are the ones who try to force their own beliefs down your throat, almost suffocating you. You have the right to agree but you also have the right to disagree on things, including this blog. NO ONE should feel alienated because one has a belief that another does not have. Why you ask?

Because at the end of the day these people are meaningless. They shouldn’t matter to you. People know who you really are. To those people stick with them. Stick to the people that truly care about you, want to help you, respect you, treat you like a human, the people that are there for you when it matters, the people who want you to be happy. Be with these people and believe me you will know who they are by being yourself. Don’t waste your time with the people who shoot you down. By wasting time I mean putting them into your head.  Speaking from experience, putting them and what they did to you in your head does waste your time. Because all you think about is them. It can even clouds your thoughts while you study. They are almost indirectly affecting how you function with daily life and with who you are. They take you away from your roots as an individual. They take you away from your core principles essentially robbing them from you. I do understand that many of us do care about their reputations and you want to make an impression. This can be applied to finding a job or even trying to impress a group of people. However, don’t let your urge to change your reputation change your core beliefs (this includes your religious beliefs) and who you are.

I keep mentioning don’t change who you are. Don’t change your principles I do keep mentioning this. Why is that? Because being yourself is what brings the best out of you. Don’t we all want to be comfortable? We all have ambitious goals and we all want them achieved whether it be via school or enhancing your reputation. Before you can achieve these goals, before you can be comfortable with your surrounding, you need to be comfortable with YOURSELF. This means being who you are, sticking to what you believe in, doing what you want to do without the social, educational or familial pressures that may come your way. Again speaking from experience, being comfortable with one’s self with lead you to the greater path. Path meaning a good social life, better grades, and probably the most important thing of them all, being happy and positive. Even the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) even preached that one must be positive. Why would he himself preach this? Because being positive leads to greater things. And being positive can mean being comfortable with one’s self. Being comfortable builds confidence in not just yourself, but in other goals you would like to achieve. Confidence, especially self-confidence is essential to life and functioning as an individual. You need to be confident in what you do. You need to be sure that you can do this and you can do it well. And by confidence, this means if you yourself, not what others tell you, put on you, pressure you. No, YOU. You are confident in yourself. You are honest with yourself. You are doing it because of others or wanting to impress others. You are doing it FOR YOU. Being yourself in itself can alleviate so much in your life. It can truly solve the many problems people have today. But even I know, it is easier said than done and it is not exactly easy to “be yourself”. But this is a type of struggle. To be ourselves this is a type of struggle. Similar to how we try to attain knowledge whether it be religion, education, etc. It is a struggle that we all must plow through. This fight, this struggle to deviate from one’s self and do things that are uncharacteristic of ourselves. Because doing that may lead to uncomfort in you.

Back in middle school, I will never forget there was one assembly that we all had to attend. And the topic was simple, “You are beautiful”. There was one thing he told us to do. It was to tell the person to your left and to your right that you were beautiful. This simple exercise caught me off guard. Because it is true. You are beautiful. NO ONE should tell you otherwise, especially to the people that do not know and the people mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog. It is not in there place to shoot you down, throw you away, take your beauty away. They should never destroy your beauty and who you are. If it is anything come back stronger. Come back better.  Come as someone you are comfortable with. Stay true to yourself. Be honest with yourself. Because at the end of the day, everyone is trying to blend in and there is a place for everyone. Don’t let anyone think there is no place for you. In honesty, your beauty is needed. Hell, even Eminem wrote a song about this very topic called “Beautiful”. There is no need to try to impress others. When you do this, you move away from.your beauty, you move away from yourself.

As Eminem said, “And to the rest of the world, God gave you the shoes. That fit you, so put em on and wear ’em. And be yourself man, be proud of who you are. Even if it sounds corny, Don’t ever let nobody tell you, you ain’t beautiful”. And be yourself.

By Salah Shaikh


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