Someone To Lean On

There are times when even I can not sleep at night. Want to know the reason why? Because I am always thinking about the stresses in my life and they will not go away. As much as I try to push it to the side they simply will not go away. I sometimes feel bottled up in a corner looking small in a very big world. To the point where there is so much negative energy in me that it wants to just burst out in flames and cause havoc wherever. It is unstoppable. It is a force that simply can not be tamed. It is the inner demons inside of me and they want to come out. And I know very well I am not alone with this. I am angry, I am fire, I am alone in this moment and there are times where I need that person you can talk to and this is the point of my discussion.

People underestimate how much a simple “hello” or “salaam” can mean to an individual. In a time where many of us are dealing with the stresses of the world, all you people want is one good happy moment. Some of us are very lucky to have these great moments, while others are not. One simple hello, one simple conversation, and even one simple hug can exorbitantly change the tone of one individual. A simple hello is more than just a hello. It was someone acknowledging you at a time when you feel alone. Someone actually cared enough to say hello to you. We take these moments for granted. We take the conversations we have with individuals for granted. Some people are so caught up with work that they do not even have time to talk and they miss out on so much. The inner demons inside in them are just fiery with anger and they just want to explode. Many people just want someone to be on their side when the going gets tough and when someone is in a state of helplessness.

The concept of brother/sisterhood is a very important concept to take into consideration. It creates camaraderie. We too take these for granted because only some of us have this, this camaraderie. This feeling not only means you are with someone, but you are comfortable with yourself. You are comfortable with the people you are with. You feel comfortable with doing some things you might have never done. You feel comfortable with who you are. You have a positive energy in you and this energy helps you succeed in life. Many people know this and they want this and they will do whatever they can to obtain this, but sometimes they fail. We take for granted the amount of comfort we have in our lives. I usually can not help but think about the others that do not have this. This comfort that people sorely desire. These are amounts that people have the chance to have almost everyday, but there are quite a few who have these rare moments and cherish them as good memories. Many due to many factors might not even be in a state of comfort where they might need that person on their side to talk with. Some can not even find this person.

What I am trying to get at is do not underestimate what a simple smile, hello, conversation, hug can do to an individual. In a time where many of us are dealing with classes, personal life, etc. There are people out there would kill for a smile. Just to brighten up their day to their rather pretty stressful lives. Do not take it for granted. There are people out there that would love to have those moments. That would love to have that person/people beside them. The person/people that they can feel comfortable with. In a world where it is very big and they feel small and alone, sometimes they just need someone to lean on.

–Salah Shaikh


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