The Ultimate RUcket List

On the brink of my Senior Year, I’m nothing if not nostalgic and apprehensive. Learning to get past that fear, I’m excited to finally work my way towards that triumphant feeling of crossing the last final item off my ever-growing #RUcketList (the ever famous Rutgers student version of a Bucket List, or things to do before you graduate). I imagine that moment to be awe-inspiring and ever-so climatic; picture: Judd Nelson pumping his fist triumphantly at the end of the Breakfast Club, or the heartwarming feeling you get after finishing that last verse Al-Nas, a long journey that lead you to that moment. Well, the start of my bucket list was that crisp feeling of opening the Qur’an and reading the first verse of Al-Fatiha, and I’m finally getting to my Al-Nas.

And now, for all of you out there- take some notes. Three years in this making, here is a small glimpse of Inayah’s Ultimate RUcket List. Seniors, gear up to get down to business, and freshmen, start early! It’s about to be an adventurous four years.

  1. Attend (and participate in) a Rutgers Football Game

All you naysayers or non-fans of sports, give our games a try! I promise, the energy and enthusiasm is contagious and before you know it, you’ll be cheering along.

Photo Credit: Karla Dimatulac


2. Drag your friend, and some food, to a picnic at the Passion Puddle

Unarguably one of the most gorgeous spots at Rutgers

passion puddle
Photo Credit: Deviant Art


3. Explore the free Museums on campus

The Geology and Zimmerli Museums on College Avenue are both free for Rutgers student with a valid Student ID.

Photo Credit: Don Hamerman, NJ Monthly.

4. Go star gazing at the Astronomy Tower

Note: They operate every other Thursday after 9 on Busch

Photo Credit: Kristen Huang


5. Stuff your face at the Grease Trucks

You didn’t do it right unless you feel like exploding when you’re done. (Or the healthier/less guilt-inducing version, Knight Wagon)

Photo Credit: Inayah Lakhani

6. Walk across all 4 campuses

My personal preference is to do this on one of those brisk Fall days, right after Fajr. Get in some good exercise and take a moment to soak in your beautiful campus, subhanAllah.

Photo Credit: JRS Studio
Photo Credit: JRS Studio

7. Find a hidden place on campus  

10 points for all your adventurers who can guess this location!

Photo Credit: Ammaar Ahmed


Bismillah. Ready, set, explore! #InayahontheBanks

“It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days” – Isabel Waxman


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