How To Overcome Shaytan’s Whispers After Ramadan

All throughout Ramadan we strive to strengthen our iman by practicing self-control and resisting bad habits. We hope to create a closer relationship with Allah (SWT) by reciting the Quran daily, praying on time, attending taraweeh prayers, gaining knowledge on Islam and sharing it. In this month, the Shaytan is locked away and the doors to Hell are closed; our actions in Ramadan reflect our true character. It’s easy to believe that the Shaytans whispers have the potential to influence us to commit sins in our daily lives but it is during this month where we realize that our sins are ours alone. Any sin committed during Ramadan was not done with the aid of Shaytan; it was done with our own intention and our own judgment. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t clean up our character. Shaytan is locked away for one month every year but he still has the remaining time to shake our faith. The question here is: how can we stop him from affecting us during those 11 months? The key to this is to remember Allah (SWT) every chance we get because, by doing so, we limit our potential for indulging in sinful acts.

In Ramadan, we spend our time proving to Allah (SWT) that we can be good Muslims without the Shaytan present. But what happens after Ramadan is over? Shaytan is released from his prison and the gates to Hell are open; the likelihood of us carrying out sinful tasks is much greater. How can we prevent the Shaytan from trapping us and destroying that control we worked hard to build? How can we prevent ourselves from throwing away all the good we did during Ramadan? Unfortunately there is no simple way to fight the evil whispers. This month was actually a training period for us, to force us to control our nafs and spiritually boost ourselves so much that ibadah becomes necessary for our body, soul, and mind. We do this by creating a tight schedule: praying on time with proper intention, reading Quran daily, pushing laziness away in order to worship Allah (SWT).

So how can we continue this after Ramadan? It may seem difficult because we have other responsibilities to worry about but there are so many simple acts of worship we can follow that will push the Shaytan away.

  1. Read an extra Nafl in salah if possible.
  2. Make du’a for protection from Shaytan and ask for forgiveness.
    1. Read Tauz for you are seeking refuge in Allah (SWT)
  3. Read Quran everyday even if it is only a few lines or a page.
    1. Listen to Quran recitations if you can’t read.
  4. Do zikr so your tongue is always moving with remembrance of Allah (SWT).
    1. Remember, the Shaytan will never come near a person doing zikr.
  5. Stay away from what you know is wrong.

There is so much more that can be done to protect yourself from falling into the Shaytan’s trap. It won’t be easy; the laziness will get us and we’ll create multiple excuses to keep us from remembering Allah (SWT) but if we push those feelings away, He will reward us immensely. That is the reward that can save us; that is the reward that can bring us closer to Allah (SWT) and solidify our faith.

By Zobia Ahmed

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  1. kbeezyisviral says:

    The temptations can be alluring, but he has no power over those who strive earnestly in Allah’s cause.


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