This is Our MSA

It’s that time of year again–tonight is the MSA shura election. Why should or shouldn’t you accept this position? An anonymous shura/specialty member has speaks up…

Salam everybody,

I’ve been meaning to post about this but I haven’t had the time till now.

Why are our Elections so important?
RUMSA is such an amazing and beautiful organization mashaAllah, but this is only because of the work everyone in the organization (note: Everyone, not [just] our shura) put in together. I will admit, though, that it is the shura that pushes the organization in the direction of where they think/know it should go. It’s the shura that does everything that they can to make sure that They’re doing everything they can to do the best for the organization and for the muslim students at Rutgers. The leaders of this organization thus should be who WE know are best for it. They should be who WE know will do the best. We’ve been in the MSA this entire year; it’s because of this that it’s OUR vote that matters. It’s OUR votes that will shape the entirety of the next year of RU-MSA ’15-’16.

But why should I vote?
Who else knows who in the MSA is capable, besides us? Through out the year, haven’t we seen those who we think/know are capable? That they’re the people who CAN make a difference? We should give them that extra push to step up to the plate. Once again, the MSA in the end is relying on us. It’s up to us to take these capable people and put them up where they need to be.

Why should I accept my nomination?
Haven’t you ever had thoughts on how MSA could’ve done something better? Whether it’s from the kick-off or the Eid Banquet to events that MSA should be doing or other things that MSA needs to do,
There are a hundred and one ways of making a difference in the MSA, but the Shura might be the best place to start. I know you care for the MSA. I know you want to see it become the best that it can be, so be a part of the reason in why it’s going to happen.

But what does it take to be a leader? What if I can’t do it?
Long story short, no one’s truly/actually ready for these leadership positions in the MSA. You grow into it. So if you’re nominated, don’t be scared. If you know someone with potential, nominate them. Allah is the best of planners.

-Anonymous shura/specialty member.


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