Thoughts from my Religion Class

My thoughts during class aren’t that different than other students present in the class, because despite all our differences we are all still average students attending Rutgers University who to an extent, think of the same things. But what goes on in my mind and the minds of some other Muslims during our religion class are thoughts such as…:

1) Where did he get his information from…?

RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

2) The prof starts mentioning terrorists and suicide bombers and the two Muslim students go…

cher lloyd animated GIF

3) Only knows only the ‘American version’ or meaning of jihad, aka, the “holy war,” when it’s much more than that.

funny animated GIF

4) Emphasizes the punishments of Hell and casually laughs at it, making a few students laugh with him, without realizing that is is not a joke bruh…

aladdin animated GIF

5) Reads articles and books written by Non-Muslims to teach the class about Islam…

infomercial animated GIF

6) Says the shahada full on in Arabic and you go…

7) When the Professor says ‘Masha’Allah’, ‘Insha’Allah’, ‘Ar-Rahman’, ‘Ar-Raheem’ in the sweetest voice and you’re like …

emma stone animated GIF

8) When the professor says that everyone should know what ‘Allahu Akbar’ means because it’s one of the most popular ‘Islamic’ terms on TV (Fox News, CNN).

loki animated GIF

9) When the professor jokes about a ‘current day’ Muslim doctor believing in the punishment of the grave and how ‘Medieval’ and ‘backwards’ it is and you think…

10) When you learn so much about your own religion from a person who is not even a believer in that religion…

wow animated GIF

(Quick side note: none of these are to be taken to heart or are meant to offend in any way. The point was to have some light humor. It’s the job of us Muslims to clear the misconceptions that are present in the everyday world. By having sweet behavior and simple etiquette, we can maybe win the hearts of our fellow non-Muslim peers and professors. So remember to smile and be really friendly because dawah is given everyday, no matter if we are in the classroom, office, or a restaurant!)


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