Beautiful Patience…

Patience is key to the doors that are yet to be opened, patience is the light that peaks through my basement window during Fajr time, patience is my drink of water that keeps me hydrated during times of emptiness.

The moments spent, the laughter shared, the tears wiped in remembrance of my beloved grandfather, all somehow end up leaving me consoling myself. The shahada when it left his dried up, blister-filled mouth because he wasn’t allowed to consume any water, was the most beautiful thing I heard.

The way he would give thanks to Allah for every bite he consumed and every sip that touched his mouth was uplifting and simply amazing. His sweet, sweet voice when he would say “Allah Allah kiya karo“, his stories of his childhood spent in India, the way he would ask for even two sips of tea, still ring through my mind and heart.

My dada, the one whom I spent my entire life with, from the city of Karachi to the state of New Jersey, is someone I am very lucky to have known.

Seeing the most serene smile on his face, when he was laying in his coffin, gave me a token of peace. Knowing that my grandfather left the world saying the shahada has kept me sane because a person who recites the shahada as his last words is surely granted Jannah. Sabrun jameela, beautiful patience has definitely shown its effects, Alhamdulillah.

To Allah we belong and to Him is our return. Welcome back Yumna to the Submissions team! —Ed.