The Idea of God

For the past couple hundred years belief in God has decreased drastically for many reasons. One of the most common reasons I’ve heard is that how could God create a universe with as much suffering as there is today? Why would a god allow so many children to die of starvation, cold, war, and so much more? And so for that reason, if there is a god, then He is a cruel one who would allow such pain when He has the ability to stop it. I was reading To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf earlier this morning, and the main character complained about the idea of God, and said that if there was a god than there would be happiness and it would last forever, and life would be more stable.

These ideas are understandable, but I feel that the idea of life is misunderstood and thus the idea of God is distorted as well. We are born with so many abilities. We have the power of sight, we can see colors and beauty. We don’t have to command our eyes to see, or walk them through the process of seeing. We don’t have to command the molecules and atoms to do their jobs. We don’t have to do that for any part of our body. All the sciences are just examples of blessings we’ve received without actually having to do anything. We didn’t wish or work for the blessing of life, so shouldn’t we at least work for eternal happiness, and blessings?  In what relationship is it okay to take and take and not give?

As humans we always gravitate towards what is stable and easy, and that is natural and right. It is also the final goal. But what is easy is not a life without guidelines and doing what the heart desires. It’s not easy, but the final goal means having self-control in praying on time, fasting, being humble, being pure-hearted, well-intentioned, and all the other values we’re taught to have.

Someone once asked me if I believed in karma, and I said that I do but in a wider circle than what is usually assumed. I do believe that what bad you do comes back to you, but if it doesn’t come in this life it comes in the next. So for all those suffering any type of pain or hardship, they will get back what they deserve–maybe not in this life, but definitely in the next, Insha Allah. And all those who cause pain, hardship, or injustice may die in this life wealthy and powerful, but will get the punishment they deserve in the next.

This life is about patience, consistency, and determination. Don’t give up, and keep strong in your belief and reliance on Allah.