Your Life on Campus During Winter… As Told by GIFS

1. When the temperature is in the 30s and you know it’s gonna get colder


2. Daylight savings is in full effect and it’s getting dark around 5 PM


3. Getting an email about Rutgers’ operating status and it only says that all campuses are open and operating


4. Walking to class is such a struggle.


5. You regularly make du’a to Allah for this


6. Waiting at the bus stop like


7. But at least you get to wear all your cozy sweaters?

giphy (1)

8. Nah, it’s too cold to enjoy this.


9. And all you really want to ask for is…


10. Instead, you’ll just be over here wishing for spring in the dead of winter.



What’s your winter du’a, folks? Making up those missed fasts, at least?


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