Standing Against Islamophobia at Rutgers

A week ago, it was revealed that the director of Rutgers Hillel, Andrew Getraer, tweeted and retweeted hateful messages about Muslims and Palestinians on his public Twitter account and in direct messages. Among the messages revealed in an article on, Gertraer supported the false notion that Palestine did not exist before 1967 and wrote that Islam is a huge problem. He also claims that many Muslim students at Rutgers are “Islamist sympathizers.”

In response to these comments, Muslim students submitted op-eds to the Daily Targum condemning the Islamophobic comments and calling on Rutgers to take a stand against Getraer’s racism. The MSA Shura has demanded an apology from Hillel. Still, the Rutgers administration remained silent. This led to the #RUAgainstHate campaign on Twitter that began at 5 PM and is still going strong.

Check out some of the tweets from tonight:

The conversation is still going in the hashtag so be sure to tweet with the hashtag #RUAgainstHate. We can’t let this sort of bigotry go on, especially on our very own campus and when the Rutgers administration won’t say anything for us. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will?

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