Asalaamu alaykum and welcome back to a new semester at Rutgers! Hey, what’s better than seeing some familiar faces around campus on your first day back?

Sure, getting back into classes and one homework assignment after another is tough, but maybe it’s worth it in the end if you get to be with your family along the way? We hope so, at least. Insha Allah.

There’re a lot of exciting things going on with the MSA this semester—from Road to Revival through our regular meetings to Islam Awareness Week—and Submissions is no exception! Stay tuned for great posts by your lovely bloggers and a special treat on Fridays: stories and anecdotes by your fellow students and alumni, the #MuslimsOfRutgers.

And who knows! Maybe we’ll have something else to surprise you?

Keep your chin up against the cold! Spring 2015—move out!