1. But I don’t have any ninja hijabs!! 1
  2. Wait, what, how’d she do that again? (Repeat approximately 6 times for each step.) 2
  3. What was I supposed to do with this end of my hijab? now-wait-a-minute-o
  4. Great, none of my hijabs are big enough for this style. 4
  5. How on earth am I supposed to pin something that I can’t see? I’m supposed to pin it where? 5
  6. OUCH. I just stabbed myself. ouch
  7. Why doesn’t mine look as nice? 724
  8. Why can’t my face shape be the same as hers? tumblr_mcx5h7co0I1rnvwt1
  9. Am I doing this right? I don’t think I’m doing this right? ClearLook_zps0bfeb28e
  10. How am I supposed to make that many folds? helena bonham carter eyeroll
  11. WAIT…how long is this style going to take me?!? whitney-splash
  12. How many pins is this going to need? tumblr_ljzm5vkQhA1qixleeo1_500
  13. What do you mean this is an everyday look? This is too much effort for me to put in every morning. tired
  14. Woah…does it actually look like it does in the tutorial? 7e26f521ec478af3_hold-up.xxxlarge
  15. Does it actually look nice on me? Can I pull this off? tumblr_m6qzwbRO2t1qfbfds

You definitely can! –Ed

Featured image (c) Muslimah Lifestyle