10 Ways to Avoid a Handshake

We’ve all been there. We’ve all anticipated it and tried to prevent any awkwardness. You’ve just met someone of the opposite sex. And you see it, they’re extending their hand and oH GOD WHAT DO YOU DO? Here are some tips on how to approach this situation in a COMPLETELY smooth fashion. (Disclaimer: Results may vary).

  1. Just ignore it. Pretend you didn’t see them extending their hand or don’t acknowledge it. You won’t have to deal with it then.halloween-ignore-away-rozzybox
  2. Shoot finger guns at them and slowly walk away. You’ve simultaneously established yourself as the coolest person in the room and removed yourself from this situation.post-34374-Spongebob-finger-guns-gif-back-hxSv
  3. Tell them you’ve just sneezed in your hand. You’ll seem like a disgusting monster, but at least you got out of this situation.tumblr_md3e0sqs6l1r0ftodo1_500
  4. Point out something interesting in hopes that it’ll distract them. Make them forget about a handshake at all.tumblr_mxf3gmtIiy1rziwwco1_250
  5. “Really? It’s flu season. Come on.” We all need to be healthy and germ-free y’all.purell
  6. Act like they should’ve known you don’t shake hands with the opposite sex. How dare they extend their hand? This isn’t awkward for you, it’s awkward for THEM.4719273+_d57bd7c190908ea1d3ee2cf7ccbb91c9
  7. Slowly back away from them. All you need to do is get away from this situation. That’s it.Back_away_slowly
  8. In the most likely case that you’re in a professional environment, have a business card at the ready that you can hand them instead.bvb104-gif-drew-relief
  9. Pretend you have overactive sweat glands and tell them your hands are really sweaty and clammy. It’s a serious medical condition, alright?giphy
  10. Or you can just say why you don’t shake hands. Give them a quick explanation and you’ll be past this situation before you know it.tumblr_n2pm1mLubj1rcny7ko1_500

What are some ways you deal with the Approaching Hand Shake of Doom? Let us know in the comments!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Literally lol-ing, especially when imagining the author put No. 2 into action hahaha. Great post. Also, No. 10 actually works.


  2. yumnakhan says:

    Love the post!


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