I have a problem with a recent new fad: Modest Muslim Fashion. I don’t hate the idea of Muslim fashion because it is something that the Muslim community really needs. It’s annoying to go to Macy’s or Target or Walmart and to try and find modest outfits out of whatever selection they have. Actually, it kind of fun, but it’s annoying that there isn’t something that’s directed towards us. But now there is, and I’m not loving it.

I have several problems with it. First, I don’t think it’s Islamic.

There are three main rules on what a woman should dress like in public: a) shouldn’t be so tight that it reveals your body, b) shouldn’t be transparent, and c) shouldn’t catch the eye. But now we have instagrams upon instagrams saying that they represent modest fashion when they don’t listen to all three of these rules. They put on loads of makeup, they wear tight clothes, and the whole idea of fashion is to look good and catch the eye. I’m not here to be the haram police, and if I see a girl dressed like any of the girls I see in the pictures, I wouldn’t say or even think anything. It’s not my place to judge how a fellow Muslim woman dresses. However, she has never declared herself a modest Muslim fashionista spokesperson and then continued to make a career out of it. There are several organizations that I do like, and that I do feel that they actually fulfill the criteria of modest clothing.

Second, I don’t think its healthy.

I hate American fashion. I don’t think I even need to go into all the reasons as to why I hate it, because I’m sure a lot of you would agree. So, I’ll just focus on one thing: the models. Yes, Muslim models don’t show how small or skinny they are, and yes, hijabi models don’t damage their hair as much as non-hijabis do, but other than that, what’s the difference? They still look unimaginably and unrealistically perfect, they still make us feel as though we’re worthlesseven though all we can see about them is their looksand they’re still selling power and a desire to look like these models. I can’t even look at fashion magazines like Vogue because of the crippling insecurities that I get from looking at a picture for five seconds. And it’s terrible that we now have to go through these insecurities of who we are through Muslim fashion as well.

These are just my opinions and obviously I’m human and I’m susceptible to a lot of mistakes, so take what you think is right, leave what you think is wrong and just live and let live :).

Do you have any tips for modest dress shopping (for your own gender)? Leave a comment below!