10 Reasons Why Being a Desi American is Awesome

1) Because we get to have hugathons on Eid with people we have never even seen before!


2) Who doesn’t love to take the smell of freshly cooked home food with them to school?

3) We can get tattoos in the convenience of our homes and without an ounce of pain.

4) We have mastered the taste of spice.


5) We don’t have to worry about our shalwar (pants) going to waste, because a new comfy outfit to lounge around in is right at the tips of our fingers.

6) Relatives from overseas definitely do not come empty handed to stay at our houses for a “mini”- one month vacation.


7) By the time we’re in our twenties, we probably have like thirty different names.

8) We have Master’s degrees in the concept of deception.

9) Making chai that will earn you praise in the whole community is just one quirk of an awesome personality.


10) We know the ABC’S of Skype thanks to our amazing relatives living overseas.


(No offence intended to our lovely phupos/khalas/mamoos/chachoos in any kind of way!)

Some of these definitely aren’t desi exclusive — what are some of your favorite things about your intersectional identities? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hundred percent true! love the touch of Kevin Hart :)


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