As I looked through the classes offered next semester, at one point I realized I was preparing the schedule for my very last semester as a Rutgers undergraduate. It goes by really fast so here are a couple of tips on making the most of it!

1. Unless you’re absolutely sure of what you want to study, take a bunch of different classes that sound interesting to you.
You never know what might capture your attention! Actually, even if you think you know what you want to study, try taking a few different classes anyway. Why would you trust the high school version of yourself to know what you want for the rest of your life?

2. Don’t isolate yourself.
College is a great breeding ground for making lifelong friendships. What would college be without a few fantastic friends by your side?


3. Don’t expect Career Services to be anything more than mostly unhelpful.
Don’t waste your time and look to other places for resources. Departments for each major have advisers and they can usually provide more specific resources and advice. Your fellow classmates and upperclassmen are full of great information too!

4. Get. Involved.
This really helps with making your experience more fulfilling. College isn’t all about academics, so leave room in your schedule for your interests.

5. Expose yourself to a variety of viewpoints.
Become a more well-rounded person and get out of the tiny bubble you were in when you came here. Take a class on a topic you know absolutely nothing about. Go to events so you can learn something new. Join organizations just to find out what the people there are all about. Rutgers is a super diverse community, so don’t miss out on that.


6. Find out what opportunities and programs Rutgers has to offer.
There are TONS. Seriously do your research. You don’t want to miss out on applying to a program because the deadline passed or it’s only available to sophomores and you’re a junior now. Here are just a few to get you started.

7. Find what you’re really passionate about.
This doesn’t necessarily have to be directly tied into your studies (it would be great if it could), but it could be something along the lines of a hobby, a cause, or an area of interest. Now take that thing, and make something of it at Rutgers.

What are your suggestions for making the most out of your time as an undergrad? Leave your tips in the comments below!